Mermaids in the Barn April 9, 2015 12:27 26 Comments

I'm having a show in May at the Bitter's Barn in La Conner.

Years ago I met the sisters Katie and Amy Carson at Bitters, their store in Fremont. Now they have a farm and a fine red barn near La Conner, Washington where they import and make beautiful objects. Last fall at a Harvest dinner in their barn they asked me if I would like to show some art there. OH, YES!

The show will include work from the last several years - cut paper, quilts (including OH, YES! and Mr. Big), paintings and embroidery.

The Merlady on the invitation was inspired by a recent trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my mother and my friend Rachel. We went to a show of Fraktur - a type of folk art that flourished in Pennsylvania in the 1700's. Certificates and special papers were ornamented with paintings of birds, angels, mermaids and flowers.

When I came from the trip my mind was filled with fraktur images of awkward mermaids and patterned parrots. I made several papercuts including the Merlady on the invitation and these Sirenas.

The papercuts led to this painting, Everything is Connected.

Everything is connected - quilts and paintings, friendship and fraktur, beauty and barns.  

Thank you for visiting this web site. I hope you can come to the show if you are in the area.