A Dash of Paprika

Rabbit, Rabbit March 01, 2015 00:00

It is good luck to start each month by saying Rabbit, Rabbit. I do it, but I don't know why! 

Maybe because rabbits represent speed and good fortune.

I rarely think of a rabbit or hare without also thinking of a turtle or tortoise.


Aesop pits the tortoise against the hare and the tortoise always wins in the end. But perhaps we need to embrace our inner tortoises and hares. They could work together. Or to put it another way: Festina Lente.


My brother introduced me to this maxim which has been around since Roman times. It means: Make haste slowly. Or be a tortoise and a hare. An anchor and a dolphin.

We all have both of those qualities within us, and even more.

We can choose which beasts to feed.

All of the prints in this blogpost are available here at Julie Paprika and can be purchased in haste or at leisure. 

I leave you with this poem in which Philip Appleman ponders the meaning of animals with meanings. The poem is longer. Here is the start of a poem for the start the month.


A New Adventure January 25, 2015 11:53

Over the years people have asked me to sell prints of my work. I finally decided to do it. The technology has evolved enough that it is easy to produce high quality prints one at a time. The web has evolved so that it is easy to have a shop. My good friend Julan wanted to open a web shop with me. So here it is! Welcome.

The paintings on this site have been painted over many years. But this way of sharing them is new. My wish is to share my work in an un-mediated way, and to share these pictures with more people than could afford to buy the original art. 

I painted Fruitful on a hot summer day when the world felt ripe with opportunities and I felt contented. I hope that this new web shop is fruitful, and that this painting can spread that feeling of abundant happiness.


To celebrate the launch of Julie Paprika, the painting Fruitful is available until the end of February at at any size for 20% off : type the code LAUNCH into the discount area.