A Dash of Paprika

Rabbit, Rabbit March 01, 2015 00:00

It is good luck to start each month by saying Rabbit, Rabbit. I do it, but I don't know why! 

Maybe because rabbits represent speed and good fortune.

I rarely think of a rabbit or hare without also thinking of a turtle or tortoise.


Aesop pits the tortoise against the hare and the tortoise always wins in the end. But perhaps we need to embrace our inner tortoises and hares. They could work together. Or to put it another way: Festina Lente.


My brother introduced me to this maxim which has been around since Roman times. It means: Make haste slowly. Or be a tortoise and a hare. An anchor and a dolphin.

We all have both of those qualities within us, and even more.

We can choose which beasts to feed.

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I leave you with this poem in which Philip Appleman ponders the meaning of animals with meanings. The poem is longer. Here is the start of a poem for the start the month.