2023 Fortitude Calendar

$ 15.00

The theme of this 2022 calendar is Truth and Fortitude.

Each calendar costs $15. The entire $15 for each calendar sold goes to the ACLU. They make great gifts. Please get several of them! Shipping is free for 5 calendars or more. 

The calendar is a one page poster, printed on heavy stock, 11" x 17". The watercolor and ink drawing illustrates that we are all need to work together with fortitude to address the challenges of the times. The red and the blue, the lion and the lamb: we are all in it together. It will take creativity and effort for us to address the challenges of the times.

All of the printing is donated by Kevin Upton of G & H Printing in Seattle. Ingrid Savage generously helps pay for the shipping on orders of 5 or more calendars.

Including the matching donations from the ACLU, the sale of these calendars has raised $69,775.00 for the ACLU since I began making them in 2017. Bit by bit we have made a difference, and will continue to do so. 

The first donation for this year's calendars was $2400, sent (and matched by the ACLU) on September 30th. On October 14th I donated $2400 more (also matched). The receipts are in the pictures below.