About Us

Julie Paschkis is a painter, a textile designer and an award winning children's book illustrator. Most of her work tells stories, and all of it is filled with pattern and color. She doesn't care much about the boundaries between high and low art, finding equal joy in creating a painting for a greeting card, a children's book or fine art. Good work is good in any genre.

You can see more of her work at www.juliepaschkis.com

Julie Paprika is a way to make her paintings accessible to more people.The paintings here were created over many years. Some were originally fine art and some were originally illustrations.

Why paprika? The name Paschkis can be difficult to remember. Paprika sounds similar. Plus, paprika is beautiful, red and tasty. 

Julan Chu is a classical pianist, trained at the Eastman School of Music and the Mozarteum. She finds the rhythm and melody in all parts of life. Recently she had spare time and space and decided to add paprika. She does the printing and shipping.

Julan is currently on a travel sabbatical and for the time being Julie is doing the printing and shipping.

Together we are happy to bring you Julie Paprika. Thank you for coming by.